Presentation Management that Actually Works

Introducing LaunchPad

Tired of presentations not working correctly at your meeting? Solve the problem once and for all with LaunchPad.

Our approach is simple yet powerful- we natively support virtually every file type, every OS, every means of presenting on a single computer. Whether a presentation is made on Keynote for Mac, or Libre Office under Linux or simply PowerPoint for Windows, LaunchPad will display the presentation perfectly.

No converting files, no spending hours in the speaker ready room, no headaches. Just content, the way it was meant to be displayed.

Windows 18%
Mac 80%
Linux 2%

Not supporting Mac yet? Here’s the distribution of presentations we collected from a meeting that previously only supported Windows. It may explain all the glowing apples you see in your meeting’s hallways.



LaunchPad uses the latest generation, high-end hardware to ensure content is played back smoothly. We’re constantly updating our fleet to keep up with the toughest, biggest files.



We keep LaunchPad up to date with the latest Mac, Windows, and Open Source software. If your presenters can create it, LaunchPad can play it.



LaunchPad technicians are chosen by their IT backgrounds and ability to convey helpful knowledge without resorting to jargon.

Happy Presenters
GB of Files Collected
Sessions Recorded
Unsupported Files

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Presentation Management

Upload at a kiosk, go to the podium, click your name to open your talk. LaunchPad makes presenting painless.

Mac/Windows Compatibility

Let your presenters showcase their work the way it should be seen. Mac, Windows, Linux- all supported on a single laptop. No converting necessary.

Session Recording

Capture the screen and audio of every presentation at your meeting.

Central Session Monitoring

All session computers are monitored live from the speaker ready room for instant assistance if needed. This means fewer AV technicians on your budget.

Branding and Sponsorship

Brand every room of your conference by displaying an image of your choosing before, after, and in-between presentations. Open up new ad opportunities for sponsors (this session brought to you by..).

Expert IT Support

Not just AV techs; IT experts.

Fast, straightforward, efficient. Happy presenters are our business.

Presentation Management

“Wow that was easy!”

That’s what presenters most commonly say when they finish their upload with LaunchPad. Our automated upload kiosks guide presenters through the quick upload process. Within 60 seconds of hitting the “finished” button, their file is already in their session room, ready to be displayed.


Because nobody wants to convert their files.

Mac/Windows Compatibility

The root of many presentation problems at meetings is simply not supporting Mac users. PowerPoint files on Mac don’t translate well onto PowerPoint for Windows, leaving your presenters the choice of either entirely reworking their presentations on-site, or presenting with broken files. By our data, the majority of presenters at science and engineering meetings created their talks on Mac.. that’s a lot of presenters to not be supporting.

LaunchPad supports Mac and Windows and even Linux files on a single laptop, no switchers or technicians required. Your presenters will be happier, their files will show up correctly, and you don’t have to double your computer budget. It’s a no-brainer.

Record Every Talk at Your Meeting

Session Recordings

If your meeting has more than a single session room, chances are some attendees are having to choose between sessions that interest them. LaunchPad automatically records the screen and audio of every presentation at your meeting, so presenters can watch the videos of the sessions they missed at their convenience.

remote_desktop.001 2

Instant assistance, room techs not required.

Central Monitoring

All sessions are monitored live from the speaker ready room. There our technicians have the ability to instantly intervene if a presenter runs into trouble. This eliminates the need for in-room AV technicians, freeing up more of your budget.


Add a professional, cohesive look to your sessions.

Branding and Sponsorship

LaunchPad gives you complete control over every session room screen. Before, after and in-between presentations you can display meeting branding, announcements, or even sponsorship info.

Having the right help makes all the difference.

Expert IT Support

LaunchPad technicians aren’t your average AV techs; we’re computer geeks. We’ve assisted tens of thousands of presenters with countless of file types. From standard Powerpoint for Windows to custom Unix executables, rest assured we’ll get the job done.