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Presenter Information and Upload Page

The following guide will give you an overview of how to upload your files to our system. For questions, be sure to check our Digital Forum FAQ page.

1. Create your presentation

Aspect Ratio

To utilize the full screen, please create your presentation in the widescreen format using the 16:9 aspect ratio. If you’ve already made your presentation in standard definition (4:3) and do not want to change it, it will still work, however you will have black bars on either side of your slides (see below).


2. Add narration to your presentation

Using PowerPoint

Build your PowerPoint deck as you normally would. When you are ready to add audio of your narration, choose the ‘Record Slide Show’ option under the Slide Show tab. Check the video and links below for more detailed instructions.


When finished, choose File > Export > MP4 and name your file after your paper number (for example: 11354-28.mp4).

Using other presentation tools

If your presentation uses another program or is web-based (e.g. Prezi, Slideshare, Google Slides) you will need to use screen capture software to record your screen and the narration of your slides. Head here for a list of recommended screen capture tools.  Make sure your recorded file is saved using the .mp4 file format and named with your paper number.

3. Before you upload

Review your recording

When finished recording, please watch it and answer the following questions:

  • Is the audio consistent and clear, free from static, hums, hisses, or interference?
  • Is the audio at the right level, without having to adjust your volume very high or very low?
  • Does your talk start promptly? (your narration should begin within the first 3 seconds)
  • Does your recording end promptly after your closing remarks, without being cut off early or continuing on for too long?
  • Do all of your slides, movies, and animations appear correctly?


Check File Format

Your recording should be a movie file using the .mp4 file extension. Other movie formats will be automatically converted to .mp4, so to avoid possible conversion issues, an original .mp4 file is recommended.


Check the Filename

Please confirm your paper number is correct and follows this naming convention:

[ Paper Number ].mp4

An example would be:


4. Upload

Recorded talks must be received by March 28th.

The upload deadline ensures that we have enough time to receive, review, and publish your presentation. If you are unable to submit by the deadline, please continue with the upload process and we will do our best to make your material available for as much of the Digital Forum as possible.

Please fill out the fields below.

The meeting has concluded and this uploader is now closed.

License to Publish your Conference Presentation

To provide conference attendees and the global research community with enhanced access to the information presented at SPIE conferences, your uploaded presentation recording (audio plus screen content of your presentation) will be published as part of the conference proceedings on the SPIE Digital Library.

By uploading your video file you authorize SPIE to publish the recording of the conference presentation according to the following terms:


  • I, on behalf of all co-authors if applicable, authorize SPIE to publish the audio + screen recording of this conference presentation on the SPIE Digital Library as part of the conference proceedings which are available to the global research community.
  • I understand that the authors or their employers retain copyright and all other intellectual property rights in the conference presentation.
  • I warrant that the authors or their employers hold the rights to the presentation materials or have obtained necessary permissions to use any material for which we do not hold the rights, and that publishing this material will not infringe on any rights of others.
  • I warrant that I have the authority to approve this license.

5. If there are issues with your file

Once we’ve received your uploaded file, it will be added to the queue awaiting publication. If there are any technical problems detected, we may ask that you re-record your talk.

6. Questions

If you have any questions, be sure to visit Digital Forum FAQ.