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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Digital Forum handling poster presentations?

If your contribution was accepted as a poster presentation, we very much want you to participate in the Digital Forum. To fit within the virtual format, we are asking poster presenters to follow the same instructions as oral presenters on our upload page to record a digital slide presentation with narrations.

Is this a live event during the week of the Digital Forum?

This is not a live event. It is a virtual space to view pre-recorded presentations that can be accessed by anyone during the dates of the Digital Forum. It does not depend on time zones or the ability of the presenters to be online. If you are a presenter, we do ask that you check back on your presentation from time to time to address any comments or questions that viewers may have left you.

What if I submit my manuscript but don’t submit a pre-recorded presentation?

We encourage you to upload a pre-recorded presentation following the instructions on the Digital Forum’s upload page. If you are unable to do so, with the approval of the conference chairs, we will accept your manuscript as part of the published proceedings archived in the Digital Library.

Will my manuscript still be published?

Yes. Whether you were accepted as an oral presenter or as poster-only, your manuscript will be published in the conference proceedings and on the SPIE Digital Library exactly as it normally would.

I was scheduled to have a poster and I’m unable to record a slide presentation with narration. Can I submit a PDF instead?

SPIE is working on integrating a digital poster solution that would allow PDFs as an acceptable format. This solution should become available later this year. At this time, however, we can only accept presentations that have an audio narration. We apologize for the inconvenience.

What is the difference between oral presentations and poster-only presentations on the Digital Forum?

As this is our first Digital Forum, there will not be a significant difference between the media submitted for posters and oral presentations. Manuscripts and presentations will still be published as usual on the SPIE Digital Library in the regular conference proceedings. Eventually SPIE will implement a digital poster publishing solution, which should become available later this year. For manuscripts, oral and poster publications are being handled exactly the same as always.

How long should my presentation be?

For oral presentations, please follow the length guidelines that you were originally given for your presentation. Small deviations such as 5 minutes shorter or 5-10 minutes longer are acceptable. For poster presentations, please design your talk to last 15-20 minutes.

I will be busy during the Digital Forum dates. Will I still be able to see the presentations later?

Once received and approved, all presentations will be included in the SPIE Digital Library and available to Digital Forum registrants. After the week of the Digital Forum, they will continue to be available to Digital Forum registrants and SPIE Digital Library subscribers and subscribing institutions.

How do I get a refund for the cancelled conference?

Conference Registration Fees and all other products purchased for the conference will be refunded. For inquiries about refunds please reach out to

What happens if I miss the presentation upload deadline?

The upload deadline ensures that we have enough time to receive, review, and publish your presentation. If you are unable to submit by the deadline, please continue with the upload process and we will do our best to make your material available for as much of the Digital Forum as possible.

What if I am unable to participate?

If you are unable to participate and need to withdraw your manuscript, please contact your SPIE Program Coordinator. For Photonics Europe: Alex Pulchart Rusova, For Smart Structures: Megan Artz, For Defense and Commercial Sensing, Kirsten Anderson, and Aron Miller,

Do I still need to register to participate?

Yes, but registration is free for the Digital Forum. There will be a sign-up form on the event page and once you have registered for the Digital Forum, you will have the ability to leave comments in the online discussion, have access to the full contents of the Digital Forum, and will continue to have access after the Forum has ended.

Will there be time for Q&A?

Question and answers will not be live or have a set time, but each presentation will have a discussion module where attendees and presenters can post and reply to each other.

May I use a recording of a talk I previously gave?

If you gave a similar talk recently (within the past 6 months) and it is already a part of the SPIE Digital Library, then we can temporarily include your previous presentation in the Digital Forum. After the forum ends your talk will revert back to its original symposium on the SPIE Digital Library.

What if I don't have permission to share unpublished data?

SPIE does not recommend you record or share your presentation if it contains information you do not have permission to share in a public forum.

 Still have questions?

If you have further questions about the above, or your question is still unanswered, please email us and be sure to include your manuscript number and the title of your talk for reference in your message.


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